What is Upland?

In short, Upland is:

  • A metaverse superapp mapped to the real world that simulates several aspects of life and economy.

  • A sandbox for players to experience activities, build communities and generate value.

  • A platform where any third-party creator can connect their content to the world.

  • A place where players keep True Ownership of their assets forever thanks to smart contracts on the blockchain.

The inspiration behind Upland came from the property collecting and entrepreneurial spirit that makes Monopoly timeless.

What can you do in Upland?

Yes, acquiring, developing, and selling properties is a core mechanic (just like Monopoly). But Upland goes far deeper than that. In Upland, every city offers space for the community to engage in various activities, such as:

  • Prize-winning contests and challenges

  • Acquiring collectibles only found in Upland

  • Building neighborhoods from the ground up

  • Developing a (virtual) brick-and-mortar business

  • And more!

There is no end game or “winning” in the traditional sense of a game. In Upland, you explore, earn new assets, build value in your wallet, meet new people, and experience new things – just like the real world.

Upland is also a platform (or superapp) where ANY third-party developer can connect their content and IP to Upland. This makes Upland a metaverse with limitless possibilities.

What does it feel like to be in Upland?

This metaverse simulates several aspects of the real world. For example, traveling between cities takes time (though not nearly as long as an actual flight or train ride). Also, there's a virtual economy and supply chain. For example, players run factories that require manufacturing resources (i.e., Spark). Then fabricated items need to be transported to Showrooms to be sold.

Upland can be experienced solo if you wish, but there is a very active community that helps each other and makes its own fun! We encourage all players to use the Chat feature inside Upland as well as the Upland Discord and Reddit to get into the mix with other players.

Importance of "true ownership"

The final thing we’ll mention is “true ownership.” Anyone who reaches Uplander status (which is the first level-up) will keep their non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and fungible tokens (e.g., UPX and Spark) forever.

With such a huge vision and active development, it’s best to define Upland with an ellipsis at the end because the metaverse keeps getting bigger. It’s best to jump in, experience the metaverse, and create your own definition of Upland …