Trading Assets (Swaps)

Players can leverage their portfolio of Upland Digital Assets (UDAs) to initiate 1-for-1 trades between other players. This means that players can trade an Ornament for a Block Explorer, Legit for an Ornament, Block Explorer for Legit, and everything in between!‍

How to Swap

To initiate a swap, you’ll need to place an offer on an Uplander’s Legit, Ornament, or Block Explorer. To do so, navigate to the player's profile by either clicking on their Block Explorer or by visiting an owned property and selecting their name.

Once their profile is open, select the “Assets” button to view the player's current Assets. Find the UDA you’d like to swap for and select the item you wish to acquire. Once the UDA view is open, you will have the option to submit an offer via the green “Submit Offer” button. Select the asset you’d like to include in your trade to submit your offer. If the offer is accepted, the new UDA will appear in your asset wallet under the relevant category.