Early Game Tips

There's a lot going on in Upland. Here, we share some tips to get newer players off to a good start. These tips are in no particular order, and there are many other guides out there to boost your experience. Feel free to check out guides from top players and the Upland Contributor Network (UCN) for even more guidance.

Use Your Free UPX Wisely

In Upland, your first property is free! Use the UPX given to you to acquire an unowned Fair Start Act (FSA) parcel (i.e., the gray-colored FSA parcel), and you're off and running!

Free Sends

Always be on the lookout for paper airplanes around the map. These are free Sends. Sends are the only way to move Block Explorers to a specific location (within its discovery range).

Sends are needed for activities such as Treasure Hunts and city tours. Each day players will receive three additional sends and can hold a maximum of 11 sends. Stock up and replenish to keep moving!

Locate Your Block Explorer

If you take your eye off the screen, you may lose your Block Explorer! Block Explorers are always on the move without player input. If you can't find your Block Explorer, simply press the Pawn icon, and you will automatically jump to your Block Explorer's location.

Manipulate the Camera

Feel free to move the camera from the top-down position. To do this, you can tilt the camera by holding Shift + Arrow key. You can also rotate the camera with a right-click and drag.

Increase Your UPX Yield Earnings

Properties come with passive UPX yield players can add to their wallet. However, the savviest players boost these property yields by completing Collections. Property Collections are listed in the player Profile. We highlight some of the easier Collections below.

  • Newbie: Own any one property in Upland.

  • City Pro: Own five properties in the same city.

  • King of the Street: Own three properties on the same street.

Take a look at the Collections in each city and plan your property acquisitions for more opportunities.

Join Activities

Some activities are really easy to join and can be rewarding. For example, players who complete a city tour (which are only available after a city first opens), earn free Spark and recuperate 100% of their registration fee.

Treasure Hunts are also good activities as players can earn - with a bit of luck - the cost of the Sends and more spent finding treasures.

Location, Location, Location

When acquiring properties, look for locations that might be advantageous. For example, when someone uses a Send to travel to your address, you earn a little free UPX. This makes properties around "hot" locations (e.g., stadiums, City Halls, Terminals, etc.) good spots to plant a flag if you can.

And if your property doesn't have anything interesting around it, build Structures, decorate with Structure Ornaments or Outdoor Decor, and launch a Metaventure to make it interesting attraction! It's up to you!