Map Icons

Players see a lot of information on the map that can be a little unjarring at first. A major part of familiarizing yourself with Upland is learning what all the icons and symbols represent.

Look at the numbered items in the UI image and use the key below for brief explanations.

Map Key

  1. This shows the player's current Block Explorer, username, and progress bar toward the next level up.

  2. The arrow below the User Icon will take players back to the last Send location.

  3. This shows the player's current UPX balance.

  4. This icon sends players to the Upland Store.

  5. This Challenge icon opens an active, time-sensitive Challenge. Note: These events are not always live, and the icon will not be shown while inactive.

  6. This icon sends players to the Events page, where Upland posts activity and feature updates. (We highly recommend keeping tabs to catch news and events.)

  7. Sometimes there are special time-sensitive events or store promotions shown by a unique icon. Click/tap on the icon for event details.

  8. This opens Upland's native in-game Chat.

  9. Use this icon to jump directly to your Block Explorer's current location.

  10. Use this button to open the Quick Menu.

  11. This icon toggles a view that outlines city neighborhoods.

  12. This icon opens a menu that shows nearby properties for sale in your current map view. Zoom out/in to widen or narrow your search.

  13. This opens a search tool where you can plug in a specific address to jump to the location.

  14. These are Block Explorers. You can see your Block Explorer as well as other players' Block Explorers.

  15. Green dots represent properties for sale by another player.

  16. Orange dots represent player-owned Metaventures.