Quick Menu

Players will find many tools and features nestled in the Quick Menu. See below for brief descriptions of each item in the Quick Menu.

  • Properties: This menu shows owned properties, yield produced through properties, total property value, property Collections, and sent offers.

  • Collections: This menu show the Collections you've completed, Collections you can complete, and other Collections to strive toward.

  • Messages: This menu shows transactional messages you've received and requires a response or action; this is where offers from other players will appear. These are separate from Chat direct messages (DMs).

  • Treasures: This menu is the Treasure Hunt hub, where players will find Standard, Competitive, and Sparked Up Treasure Hunts. There's also a bar show Riot Mode when it's active.

  • Leaders: This menu shows top performers for certain activities, such as referrals, completed Collections, treasures claimed, and more.

  • Assets: This opens the Asset Wallet, which is also accessible from the Profile screen.

  • NFLPA Legits: This menu opens the Collections, Stadium, and Legits associated with our partner, the NFL Players Association.

  • Football Legits: This menu opens football/soccer items, such as Stadiums and Legits.

  • FIFA World Cup: This menu opens the Collections and Legits related to our partner, FIFA World Cup.

  • Resources: Resources directs players to handy information such as Marketplace Analytics, News & Events, Support, and Upland's Discord.

  • Settings: Here players find important tools such as manual authentication, KYC, app settings, and more.

  • Profile: This icon jumps to the same Profile menu players can open by clicking their Block Explorer icon on the top-left of the map view.

  • Challenges: Shows the active challenges, such as Treasure Rush, as well as a history of recent challenge winners.

  • Store: This icon opens the Upland Store, where players can acquire more UPX or other items that may be on offer.

  • Portal: This portal allows players to import select NFTs into the Upland metaverse. Here's a brief video to explain the process:

  • Search Player: Just as the name implies, players use this tool to search and locate other players based on username.

  • Racing (Alpha): This icon opens the Upland Racing portal, where players can open races (from a computer browser) or launch the Upland Racing App.

  • (Metaventure) Directory: This menu opens a search where players can look for all the player-owned Metaventures in Upland. This is great for tracking down items such as Block Explorers and Legits on the secondary market.