Properties Introduction

Upland is one of the most dynamic virtual city builders, and it all starts with acquiring properties.

Players use properties to:

  • Earn passive UPX through property yields

  • Complete property Collections

  • Gain a foothold in key locations

Here's a brief introduction to the different types of properties. Visit the Cities and Properties section of the guide for more information on buying and selling properties as well as property Collections.

Property Color Coding

  • Bright Green Property: Unlocked properties that are currently unminted. By minting it, you'd become the property's very first owner.

  • FSA Property: Fair Start Act, or FSA, properties are reserved for newer players, and are generally less expensive than non-FSA properties. We highly recommend new players (Visitors and Uplanders) to buy FSA.

  • Dark Green Property: These are owned, minted properties that are currently listed on the secondary market for other Uplanders to purchase.

  • Blue Property: These are owned, minted properties that are owned by other players and not currently listed on the secondary market.

  • Dark Blue Property: These are minted properties that you currently own.‍

  • Gray Property: These are locked, unminted properties (never minted on the blockchain) that have not been opened for minting yet.