Vanilla Mode

Vanilla Mode refers to a method by which Upland cities launch. Collection details for cities that are released in Vanilla Mode are minted to the blockchain prior to the release to ensure provable fairness for all players. In other words, there are no Collections at launch for cities released in Vanilla mode. This means that players can speculate on what properties might be included in collections prior to their official reveal.

Ciphering on the Blockchain

Collections that are minted on the blockchain prior to release are "ciphered," meaning that they are encrypted messages that players can see but are be unable to read until the collection details are revealed to the public. Each ciphered collection includes the following information:

  • Internal id of the collection

  • Name of the collection

  • Description of the properties that match the collection

  • The EOS transaction for the collection minting (containing proof of the date of the minting)

  • A list of the full addresses of all matching properties included in Custom Tag Collections; unique properties that cannot be identified by their association to a neighborhood or a street. The Ultra-Rare "Jazz Town" collection in Chicago is an example.

Each collection that is ciphered has a matching key that will reveal the above details. These keys are released at the time of the collection reveal.

The Collection Reveal

After collections are revealed, all unminted collection properties are momentarily locked. We will then reveal the collection keys, allowing players to confirm the collection on the blockchain. Unminted properties that match the announced collections, will then be repriced based on the collection level they match.

This process of repricing unminted properties-per the publicly available collection data-is how properties have been priced in Upland from the initial introduction of collections. An hour after the announcement, the unminted properties will be unlocked again for minting. As a precaution, make sure to double-check your marketplace properties before the announcement to ensure you don’t sell them below collection-modified value. It may be safer to temporarily remove them from the marketplace before the announcement is made and the collections are revealed.