Choosing a City

Our roster of cities is constantly growing, each with its own unique qualities and communities. Be sure to note the starting property prices in the city selection screen. For new players, we recommend starting in one of the more affordable cities to get your feet wet.

Picking a city is an important decision. If you decide not to stay in your selected city, you'll need to pay to take a train, plane, or bus to visit a new city.

Property Pricing

Cities are priced based on real-world market conditions in each city, and property prices are a function of the average price per UP2 (our metaverse equivalent to Sq Ft) in any given neighborhood in a city. All properties are priced in UPX, the native currency in Upland; for quick calculations, assume 1,000 UPX = $1.


  • You can scan cities without moving your Block Explorer (which costs UPX and travel time).

  • Look for a mixture of affordability and community.

Be sure to grab FSA properties while youโ€™re a newer player. Once you reach Pro status, you will not be able to purchase FSA property.