Buying Property

Properties in Upland are typically broken into two primary categories: minted and unminted properties. Minted properties are owned by other players, and unminted properties have never had an owner. Each property in Upland is color-coded to help the player better understand their surroundings.‍

Bright Green Properties

These are unlocked properties that are currently unminted. By minting it, you'd become the property's very first owner. To put it simply, it means you're buying directly from Upland in exchange for the opportunity to mint the property digital asset. Prices for these properties are generated by simulating real-world market conditions in each city.

After scouting a property you'd like to purchase, you'll need to acquire the necessary amount of UPX to mint your property. Click on the property to check its minting price and property earnings before making a purchase. Your block explorer will also have to be within "discovery range" of the desired property, so you may need to "send" to a nearby minted property first. Once your explorer is in discovery range, simply click on the property to inspect it and click on the "buy" button. After completing your purchase, your property deed will be generated and minted on the blockchain where it is viewable to the public.‍

Properties Marked "FSA"

Getting started in a new city can be tough. The Fair Start Act, or "FSA" was designed to help new players get started in the metaverse. Properties marked "FSA" are reserved for newer players, and are generally less expensive than non-FSA properties. We highly recommend new players (Visitors and Uplanders) to buy FSA, as they are the only players who have access to these properties. Once you level up from Uplander to Pro (100k UPX Net Worth), you can no longer mint FSA properties.‍

Dark Green Properties

These are owned, minted properties that are currently listed on the secondary market for other Uplanders to purchase; either using UPX or USD (via the digital asset-to-USD program). Prices for these properties are manually set by their owners.

Keep in mind you'll need to become an Uplander before you can buy (or sell) properties on the secondary market. Once you're an Uplander, all you'll have to do to purchase is click on the "buy" button when inspecting a property. If the property is listed for USD, you'll have to join the digital asset-to-USD beta program in order to complete your purchase. Players are automatically added to the digital asset-to-USD program upon leveling up to Uplander status.‍

Blue Properties

These are owned, minted properties that are owned by other players and not currently listed on the secondary market. Even though it is unlisted, players can still make offers to property owners for them to either accept or reject.‍

Dark-Blue Properties

These are minted properties that you currently own.‍

Gray Properties

These are locked, unminted properties (never minted on the blockchain) that have not been opened for minting yet. Properties that are broken are sometimes locked until they can be corrected and released for minting. Additionally, several properties in each city are reserved for future Landmark sales and auctions.