Developing Land with Spark

We launched the Spark token in 2021 on the EOS Blockchain. The Spark token powers the creation of new items in Upland, such as property structures, cars, Map Assets, and other items.

Structures serve several purposes. They are player residences, (digital) brick-and-mortar shops, factories, Landmarks, and more.

Spark Hours

Each structure has been priced in โ€œSpark Hoursโ€ and has an expected number of living units that will be able to be associated with it once Upland home experiences launch. This directly translates into the number of hours required to build a structure per exactly 1 Spark.

Itโ€™s important to keep in mind that unlike casual builder games where you may expect construction to be light-speed fast, the Upland economy is modeled after the real world (albeit sped up). This is why building structures in Upland takes time and resources.