Residential and Commercial Structures

Generally, there are two types of Structures players can build on a property: residential or commercial.

Residential Structures

A residential structure allows players to set a Home Address, personalize their property with unique Structure Ornaments, and more.

Also, players can open a Metaventure Shop to resell items such as Block Explorers and Legits. Shops can be run from residential structures.

There are currently eight types of residential structures:

Apartment Building

Luxury Modern House

Luxury Ranch House

Ranch House

Town House

Small Town House

Small Town House 2

Micro House

Commercial Structures

Players can build two types of structures to launch an online business in Upland.


Used to manufacture assets such as Structure Ornaments or Outdoor Decor.


Used to sell manufactured items from Factories. Players can also sell items for other players if desired.

Note: If someone is running a Metaventure Shop or Showroom, players can only keep as much inventory on their lot as is allowed based on the physical footprint of the property.