Selling Property

The best traders in Upland are diligent about their research of market conditions in any given city. Before deciding your asking price, check to see what other properties are selling for in your neighborhood. Do this by either clicking on the "nearby properties" button or using one of the available data tools built by our community.

There's a strategy behind acquiring properties. Buy low; sell high, and look for value.

‍Listing on the Secondary Market

Once you become an Uplander, you can start listing your properties on the secondary market for a fixed price, both in UPX and USD. Players who wish to list their properties for USD will have to join the digital asset-to-USD program, which enables players to sell their digital assets directly for US dollars.

Selling FSA

New users have a distinct advantage with FSA properties and can often flip their FSA properties by selling to players who are ranked Pro and higher, due to their limited access to FSA properties. New players are encouraged to buy unminted FSA properties and sell them on the marketplace with a markup. In order to estimate the value of your properties, you should research your surrounding area and consider:

  1. Inventory of unminted properties

  2. Property values

  3. Collection Values (rarer properties are in more valuable Collections)

  4. The property's real-life equivalent

  5. Presence of Structures around the property

‍Leveraging FSA

Picking up FSA properties in new cities that release in Vanilla mode is a great way to land yourself a quality property. Because collections are revealed later, there's a better chance for you to score a Limited, Exclusive, Rare, or Ultra-Rare property. Doing some research on upcoming cities before they release is a great way to speculate on what neighborhoods or streets might become collections.

Furthermore, look out for Upland and community challenges in the official channels (e.g. Twitter and Discord). You can stay up to date with like-minded players and make the most out of Upland events.‍

Digital Asset to USD Beta

Players who are KYC'd (Know Your Customer) by our partners at Tilia can list their properties directly for US dollars. That means when a player purchases your property, they pay US dollars instead of UPX. Head to city hall in San Francisco and complete the form if you'd like to join the program; we accept new players on a rolling basis. Travel to San Francisco via a plane or train and then "send" your block explorer to "1 DR CARLTON B GOODLET PL, San Francisco, USA" to sign up. Keep in mind this program is only accessible to Uplanders and Above. Click Here to learn more about Upland Status.