Football Legits Overview

Mint One-of-a-Kind NFTs

Head to home team stadiums or travel to away games for a chance to mint official rare Team Mementos and more rare one-of-a-kind Player Mementos! Capture history by collecting striking 3D virtual merchandise that commemorates a game with the team's performance or a player’s performance with an interactive set of stats.

Build Your Fan Score

Build your Fan Scores by owning Legits for your favorite football players and teams. Each Legit you collect earns you Fan Points, which can be boosted by placing them into your Collections. Permanently increase your Legits’ Fan Points by queueing up and getting them digitally signed by the players via virtual autograph signing events!

Collect Essentials

Essentials are common-rarity Legits that can be minted throughout the season. Collect enough Essentials and you can merge them together to replicate more valuable NFTs!

Trade Football Legits

Trade your Legits with other Uplanders on the open marketplace or sell them in player-owned Fan Shops! It’s up to the player community to decide which Legits to sell for UPX or US dollars.

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