Football Legits Mechanics & Features

Fan Points

Every Legit you own has a predetermined amount of Fan Points. Visit your team’s stadium to view your Team Fan Score or a player’s property to view your Player Fan Score.

Prove your fandom for individual football players by collecting Legits for each player. As you collect, your Player Fan Score will grow, making it easier to get Autographs and Spotlights.

Support any team by collecting Legits for that team. All the Fan Points for those Legits count toward your Team Fan Score. Visit your team’s stadium to view your current Team Fan Score.

Having a high Team Fan Score also increases your odds of getting a one-of-a-kind Memento when you register for a team before each game.

Points for Team & Player Fan Scores can be boosted by placing your Legits into collections or having them digitally autographed. Legits for different teams, leagues, and postseason games also carry a Fan Point multiplier due to their rarity. Some mechanisms to boost Fan Scores will be live in the coming months.

Registering for Mementos at Stadiums

Check-in to a stadium during the Registration Period so that you can mint a Memento for one of the teams playing. You can only register for one team playing at each stadium, each day. The team with the most registered Uplanders will also give more autographs at the end of the game. If an available team is playing an away game at a stadium that is not yet opened in Upland, Mementos for that team may be available at the team’s stadium for those away games.

Memento Registration Stages

Stage 1: Pre-Registration Period

Before registration for the “Early Sale” starts there will be a countdown timer letting you know when registration for the “Early Sale” begins. Once the timer concludes, you will have to travel to the stadium and register for a chance to be included in the “Early Sale.”

Stage 2: Registration Period

The first players to register for the Early Sale will receive an Early Bird Boost to their Team Fan Score. Team Fan Scores increase the odds of being near the front of the queue during the Early Sale. This means that players who register quickly will have a slight advantage over players who wait. After registration ends, you will receive a notification with your spot in the queue.

If you have landed in the top 100 queue positions for this team in the last 4 games, your Team Fan Score, as it applies to registering for Mementos for this game, will be reduced. This decrease is temporary and only applies to this team. For a more detailed breakdown see the table below.

Stage 3: Early Sale

Registered players will receive a notification when it’s their turn to check in at the stadium to mint a Memento for the team they previously registered for. Mementos are limited while supplies last and only registered users will have a chance to mint Mementos during the Early Sale.

Stage 4: Limited Sale

After the Early Sale period ends, the Limited Sale period will begin, which allows all users to mint any Mementos that went unminted during the Early Sale. During the Limited Sale, players can mint Mementos for either team, however, there will be a five-minute cooldown after each mint.

Stage 5: Unlimited Sale

After the Limited Sale period concludes (usually a few hours after the game is over), players can mint any unminted Mementos for available teams without a cooldown.


Uplanders can visit stadiums to purchase Essentials, register for Mementos, view the Fans Leaderboards, view the home team schedule, and get in line for autographs. When new team cities open, teams not present in their home city will relocate to their new home stadium.

Players can view stadiums if their block explorer isn’t close enough to register for upcoming games. To do so, click Football Legits and then Stadiums in the Menu.

After selecting a team, you will get to explore the stadium as if your block explorer was there. If your block explorer is close enough to check into the stadium, then you can also register for mementos, get in line for autographs, or purchase legits for available teams.


Legits are fully tradable with other Uplanders.

To offer a trade, you’ll need to browse through another Uplander’s Assets by clicking on their profile, clicking their Assets, and selecting their “NFLPA LEGITS”. If their Legit isACCEPTING OFFERS, scroll to the bottom of the Legit and click OFFER TRADE to start the transaction. Once the transaction is in progress, the other party must accept or decline your trade offer. You can also retract the offer by scrolling to the bottom of the Legit that you offered and clicking RETRACT OFFER.

You can also toggle ALLOW TRADE OFFERS at the bottom of any of your Legits. Toggle this off if you don’t want other Uplanders to offer to trade their Legit for your Legit.

You cannot offer a Legit for trade if it has already been offered to another user in a trade or if it is for sale in a Fan Shop.