Upcoming Features

Fan Shops

Uplanders can apply to own their own Fan Shops. Shop owners can list their own Legits for sale at their shop, decide which Legits other Uplanders can list at their shop, and set a commission that is collected when other sellers’ Legits are sold at their shop.

Uplanders can also request to list their Legits for sale in Fan Shops. Explore Fan Shops in nearby cities for more information.

Registering For Spotlights

Have you visited a football player’s home in Upland? It’s a great way to see their autograph schedule, pick up their Legits, and register for their Spotlights. If you own Legits for that player then you’re on your way to building up your Player Fan Score. This score increases your odds of being near the front of the queue when you register for a Spotlight and makes it easier to get autographs for that player.

This feature is coming soon.

Autographs at Stadiums

Another way to increase the value of your Legits and boost their Fan Points is to get them autographed by football players! Swing by a stadium near the end of a game and join an autograph queue for the players that stick around after the game to sign their Legits; including Essentials, Mementos, and Replicas. You’ll need to have an unsigned Legit ready for the player to autograph before you can join the queue.

This feature is coming soon.

Autographs at Football Player Homes

Do you have a specific football player in mind that you want to sign your Legit? Swing by their house in Upland and view their autograph schedule. The more Legits you have for that player, the easier it is to get their autograph after you join the queue. Once you’re in the queue, make sure you check in to stay in the queue or you could lose your spot!

When it’s your turn to receive an autograph, you can select an unsigned Legit for that player to sign before they leave. Autographs permanently increase the Fan Points for the Legit!

This feature is coming soon.

Merging Essentials

  1. Each season there are a limited number of Replicas available to be created.

  2. Users can merge 5 unique Essentials from the same season to make a Replica from that season.

  3. The 5 Essentials used for the merge are burned (permanently deleted) and cannot be recovered.

  4. Each Replica has a small chance of being a game ball regardless of the Essentials used.

  5. If the Replica is not a game ball, one of the five Essentials used for the merge will be randomly chosen to influence the resulting Replica. For example, if the randomly drawn Essential is a Superstar jersey, the resulting Replica is more likely to be a Superstar player, more likely to be a jersey, and/or more likely to be from the same team as the Superstar player. Similarly if the randomly drawn Essential is an Impact Player cap, the resulting Replica is more likely to be an Impact Player, more likely to be a cap, and more likely to be from the same team as the Impact Player.

This feature is coming soon.


Complete Collections to boost the Fan Points of your Legits. Each season you will have the opportunity to complete collections for each team.

Legits that are stored in a completed collection receive a boost that increases their Fan Points.

Each Legit can be added or removed to an eligible Collection at any time, however, Legits can only be placed into one Collection at a time.

This feature is coming soon.


Check out the Fans Leaderboard at your team’s stadium and see where you rank among other Uplanders. If you’re in the top 3 after the last postseason game, you will win a super rare “one of three” NFT catered to your team! 1st place gets Mint #1, 2nd place gets Mint #2, and 3rd place gets Mint #3.

To move up the leaderboard, collect and boost Legits for your team. Every Legit contributes to your Team Fan Score. The more Legits you own, store in your Team Collections, and get autographed, the higher you’ll rank.

This feature is coming soon.