Metaventures Overview

Metaventures are player-owned and operated businesses in the Upland metaverse. Metaventures are a big part of Upland's secondary market.

In Metaventures, players can acquire assets that might otherwise not be available to them. And as a player-run market, prices are up to Metaventure owners, creating opportunities to make a profit or strike a bargain.

As new types of Metaventures emerge, more asset types will be sold. As of today, Metaventure's inventory may include:

  • Block Explorers

  • Legits (FIFA World Cup, NFLPA, etc.)

  • Structure Ornaments

  • Map Assets

Any player can start a Metaventure as long as they meet the requirements. It's a fun way to get more involved in Upland while making UPX or even USD!