How to Play Totems: Unleash the Magic

Get Your Totem

Start by purchasing a totem from the Upland store. Each totem is a one-of-a-kind creation, boasting distinct traits that define its appearance and potential rewards.

Understand Traits

Each totem possesses five unique traits – Life Form, Style, Color, Scale, and Totem Base. These traits influence your totem's behavior, rewards, and more. These visual traits represent five specific attributes of your totem – Output, Input, Frequency, Capacity, and Stamina.

Nurture Your Totem

Spend Protem to nurture your totem and keep it "alive" during the 30-day cycle. The right spending strategy is essential – too much or too little can affect your rewards. Remember, spending frequency and amount matter.

Optimize Rewards

Aim to spend Protem within each interval of the cycle. An interval is defined by the Frequency attribute, which will be explained in depth in a later section. Missing intervals might lead to penalties, and multiple spending within the same interval won't yield additional rewards. Find your totem's sweet spot and make the most of it.

Time Your Spends

Timing matters! Make your Protem spend close to the center of the interval for the best results. This ensures maximum yield returns and enhances your totem's potential.

Embrace Diversity

Explore various trait combinations, from Life Form to Style and Scale. Discover the synergies and nuances that make each totem special.

Harvest Rewards

As you nurture your totem, it generates Protem rewards. Collect them periodically to grow your resources and further nurture your totem's potential.