Totems boast 7 color variations: Orange, Brown, Purple, Green, Red, Blue, and Gold—ranging from least to most rare. Color signifies the "Frequency" attribute, reflecting how often a totem should be fed. Imagine a desert cactus needing weekly watering compared to a daily-doting tropical flower.

For the best outcomes, aim to make one Protem spend within each interval. Skipping an interval without spending may result in penalties on the totem's future yielding abilities. However, making multiple spends within the same interval won't harm the totem but can lead to wasted Protem and reduced yield effectiveness.

Timing is equally crucial—strive to make the spend close to the center of the time interval. Spending too far from the center will result in lower yield returns. So, be wise in your decisions, strike the perfect balance, and nurture your totems to unlock their true potential and maximize your rewards!