Life Form

Totem's Life Form presents an enchanting array of animal and plant types, comprising 11 captivating variations. Each Life Form is intricately connected to a distinct "Output" curve, showcasing the totem's yielding pattern and overall yield returns.

Now, let's break down the 11 types of output curves, representing the 11 lifeforms, with 6 archetypes of the earning journey you'll encounter in Upland.

The archetypes are:

Linear: Here, your rewards grow consistently over time โ€“ it's a direct, predictable climb, much like walking up a gentle slope.

Hockey Stick: This curve plays the long game. Initially, it's all slow and steady, but wait for it... suddenly, your rewards skyrocket, mirroring the sharp turn of a hockey stick. It's a game of patience with a potentially big payoff.

Wave: Get ready to surf! Rewards on this curve rise and fall, creating a wave-like pattern. It adds an element of timing and rhythm to your strategy, as you aim to catch the high points for maximum rewards.

Sharp Step: This curve initially offers rewards at a steady pace, then unexpectedly โ€œstepsโ€ up to a higher rate. The sudden sharp step adds a dynamic twist to the earning trajectory.

Mild Step: In this curve, rewards begin at a consistent rate, then take a more mild step up at some point. The increase is slight, offering a modest yet noticeable lift in earnings.

Static Llama: Exclusive to the rare, one-of-a-kind Llama Totem, this output features a stable and consistent earning pattern.

Each output curve in Upland adds a unique twist to the gameplay, ensuring a rich and varied experience as you navigate your totems. Part of the game's allure is figuring out which output curve you're dealing with. Embrace the challenge of discovering and mastering the distinct attributes and rewards each curve offers, as you connect them with different Life Forms.

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