Style is the captivating artistic design of the totem's skin, with 7 variations—from least to most rare: Elegant, Gamer, Ancient, Fantasy, Future, Painted, and Fluid. Style embodies the "Input" attribute, which represents the total amount of Protem spend that generates yields in a cycle. Top-tier totems boast higher yieldable "Input" amounts in a cycle, enabling them to earn more Protem rewards.

When playing, determining the "optimal spend amount" for each interval is simple yet crucial. To calculate it, divide the total Protem Input amount by the number of intervals in a cycle. This ensures you allocate the right amount of Protem for each interval, maximizing your yield effectiveness.

When making a spend, keep the "optimal spend amount" in mind. Spending below this optimal value means missing out on the full yielding potential. On the other hand, spending above the optimal amount results in discarding the extra Protem, lowering your investment efficiency. Strive for precision and balance as you manage your Protem spending!