Legits Glossary

Football Legits | Terms & NFT Types


Essentials are branded 3D NFTs that are limited by quantity, time, and seasons. In essence, Essentials are more common NFTs that can be used to complete Legit Collections or combined to generate rarer, more exclusive NFTs like Replicas.

Essentials can be FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Mascot, Logo, Poster, Ball, Team Crests, Team Shirts, or Team Boots. Essentials can also be FIFA World Cup™ Mascots, Logos, Posters, Balls, or Team Shirts from first, second, third, or fourth-place teams from the 1930-2018 tournaments.


Passes are rare branded 3D NFTs that are limited by quantity, time, and seasons. They commemorate real-world FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ rounds. Passes come in three rarities:

  1. Passes = least rare

  2. VIP Passes = more rare

  3. Platinum passes = most rare

Shortly after each round is completed, Passes from that round will gain an EXCHANGE button which enables the Pass to be exchanged for a Memento from that round. The higher your FIFA World Cup™ Fan Score and the rarer the Pass, the better your odds are for getting a better Memento.

When a Pass is exchanged for a Memento, the Memento should be delivered within a few minutes and previously unknown Legit details, such as team and game stats, will be revealed. If the Memento is a Spotlight, the video may be in escrow until the stated date of release.


Mementos are rare branded 3D NFTs that commemorate real-world events related to the brand or team. These NFTs have unique data such as a teams' stats for a particular game. Mementos can be FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™ Team Scarves, Team Crests, Team Warmup Balls, Team Boots, Team Shirts, a one-of-a-kind Match Ball, or Spotlights. Spotlights are video highlights from matches that include game highlights and one-of-a-kind goals scored!

General NFT Terms


An event that describes the creation of an NFT.

Existing Mints

The number of mints that remain on the blockchain. This number changes when other mints are burned or merged.

Mint/Mint Number

The sequential number assigned to the Legit at the time it is minted. This number will not change when other mints are burned or merged. (Ex. “1 of 1”)

Total Minted

The total amount of each Legit that has been minted on the blockchain.

Minting Ends The countdown for when minting ends.

Date Recorded

When the media (audio and/or video) was recorded.