Trading Legits

Metaventures (Player-Owned Fan Shops)

Uplanders can apply to own Fan Shop Metaventures, which are Player-Owned Stores in Upland. Shop owners can list their own Legits for sale at their shop, decide which Legits other Uplanders can list at their shop, and set a commission that is collected when other sellers’ Legits are sold at their shop. Uplanders can also request to list their Legits for sale in Metaventures. Explore Metaventures in nearby cities for more information. Legits purchased from Metaventures should be delivered within minutes after the transaction is complete.

Swapping Legits

Legits are fully tradable with other Uplanders. Swapping a Legit for another Uplander’s Legit will require an offer to be submitted to one of the players. If the relevant parties accept, the Legits should be delivered within minutes.

Note: You cannot offer a Legit for trade if it has already been offered to another user in a trade or if it is for sale in a Metaventure.