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Replicas are NFTs that can be replicated by merging (or "burning") Legit Essentials. Replicas of Mementos are essentially copies of Mementos and are generally less valuable than the original Memento because they are less rare and have less Fan Points. They are useful for completing collections.

Merging Essentials

  1. Each season there are a limited number of Replicas available to be created.

  2. Users can merge five unique Essentials from the same season to make a Replica from that season.

  3. The five Essentials used for the merge are burned (permanently deleted) and cannot be recovered.

  4. Each Replica has a small chance of being a Match Ball regardless of the Essentials used.

  5. The higher your FIFA World Cup™ Fan Score and the higher the points value on the five unique Essentials, the better your odds are for getting a better Replica.