Moving Between Cities

Whether players are looking for a change of scenery or are chasing challenges across the map, traveling from one city to another is a big part of the Upland experience. Learn more about trains, planes, and buses right here.

Air Travel

‍Flights are the main mode of travel between San Francisco and New York. To board a flight, send your explorer either to any plane terminal. Please note that some terminals are domestic terminals are marked with a white icon, while international terminals are marked with a yellow icon.

Each airport has several Terminals. When you head to an airport, select a Terminal in the popup window when Sending your Block Explorer to the airport. Capacity at terminals is limited every day.

Once you have reached the airport, click the terminal icon nearest to you to open the Flights Menu. This will display available flights by type and destination.

Please note that flights take time. The longer the distance, the more time it takes. Travel is not instant. This is a part of the real-world simulation Upland strives for. ‍

Train Travel

Trains function similarly to airplanes, but are slower and less expensive (like the real world). Also, there may be less routes available at a bus Terminal. For example, the bus in Arlington only travels to Dallas.

To travel on a train, first send your explorer to a train Terminal on the map. A popup window will prompt you to choose which station you wish to travel to. Select the station, then sit back and relax and enjoy the journey!


These are the slowest forms of transportation, but are often cheaper. Busses only travel to select cities. Look for the bus icon on the map to discover routes and other information before traveling.