Moving Block Explorers in a City

Just like the real world, getting from A to B in Upland is an important part of the experience. Here we provide a brief overview with links to deeper guidance on travel in Upland.

Traveling inside a city

Traveling in the current city you're in can be done in two ways:

  • Let your Block Explorer roam randomly (which it does automatically)

  • Use a Send to direct your Block Explorer to a specific location.

Sometimes a destination will be too far for a Send. In these circumstances, players should use multiple Sends to reach the destination.

What Does My Block Explorer Do?

Your block explorer constantly wanders the Upland metaverse, searching for unique and interesting properties to acquire. Your block explorer's path is both random and automatic, as the direction it travels cannot be directly controlled.‍

Understanding "Sends"

You can manually send your block explorer to a minted property by using "Sends." Every Uplander automatically gets three sends which recharge every 24 hours. Players can hold up to a max of 11 sends. It's also possible to farm additional sends by clicking on the paper airplane icons that spawn across the map. Note that your block explorer must be in range in order to pick up sends, so you may have to spend a "send" to get in range first.‍

Visit Fees

When visiting a minted property on the map, you will have to pay a visit fee (set by the owner of the property). This fee can range from anywhere between 5 UPX and 100 UPX and is adjustable by the owner of the property. Send fees also vary by city, as each has its own minimum and maximum threshold for send fees.‍

Moving Your Block Explorer

To teleport your block explorer, click on any minted property (colored green or blue) on the map and tap the "send" button. Once you click send, your block explorer will rapidly travel to the target location. Keep in mind you can only send within city limits. If you want to travel to a new city, you'll have to take a train, bus, or airplane depending on the city you're in. You can also tap on your Block Explorer as it appears on the map which opens a menu featuring a few icons. Click on the paper airplane icon on the right to manually send your Block Explorer to one of your own properties or a specific address.‍

Block Explorer Trails

Block explorers leave a marked trail that indicates the properties its visited as it traverses the map. This trail will start to appear after your block explorer starts moving. These trails also give you the chance to take a look at the properties your block explorer has discovered. After a certain period of time, the trail will vanish.